Jackie Gilmour

jaqckie Gilmour

Met with the lovely Lenny Welsh yesterday who brought in this photograph and a letter from his Aunt. The letter is so moving it needs to be shared in full.

“Dear Sir / Madam

I read recently in a local paper, a request from anyone who might have information regarding the YMCA from years past.

I thought straight away of the enclosed photograph, showing an athletic group of boys, perhaps prior to a gymnastic display? (circa 1935). My brother Jackie (Gilmour), is the rather proud young man stood at the rear on top of the vaulting horse, looking rather pleased with himself, I guess he would be 12 – 13 years old.

Unfortunately Jackie died at a very young age of just 18 on 5th June 1940 after just 10 days in hospital from meningitis. He worked in a laundry van, which my mother always blamed for a possible reason he picked up the terrible virus. Two of my other brothers were away fighting in the war and were unable to attend Jackie’s funeral.

I am now 87 years young, but as you will note from my address above, I no longer live in Whitehaven. I hope I have conveyed enough of my brothers short but adventurous life to warrant inclusion in a future article.

Yours sincerely

Ada Bray”


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